What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

 Patient Centered means that you are the primary focus.  We will encourage you to take an active role in your health by

1.      Seeking to understand your health situations and learn about any conditions that you may have.

2.      Communicating with your healthcare team. 

·         Tell us if you receive care from other health professionals and request that they send us records regarding that care.

·         Let us know what medications you are taking and bring your medications or a list to each visit. 

·         Bring lists of questions (see patient pre-visit checklist on our website).

·         Tell us about any changes to your health.

·         Tell us if you don’t understand something about your treatment plan.

·         Tell us if you are apprehensive about your treatment plan, or if there are reasons you think you may not be able to follow it.

3.       Participating

·         Choose a preferred caregiver in our practice who will direct your healthcare.

·         Work with your provider to develop a care plan and set goals.

·         Keep scheduled appointments with your primary care provider, specialists and community resources.

·         Take medications as prescribed.

·         Use Self Monitoring tools provided by the office and on line at www.rfppa.com.

Medical Home means that we as your primary health care provider will work hard to manage your care and be the leaders of your healthcare team by

1.      Seeking to know you through listening to your questions and feelings.  We will also learn about you, your family and things that influence your care.

2.      Communicating with you and other members of your healthcare team. 

·         Explain your health situation clearly and offer options for your care.

·         Provide information to other members of your healthcare team as needed.

3.       Supporting you in your health.

·         Help you set goals for treatment.

·         Provide information about community resources and services that can help you learn about your condition.

·         Send you to trusted specialists when necessary.

·         Provide tools so that you can monitor your health

·         Provide reminders and information about preventive services that are appropriate for you. 

What does this mean at Raleigh Family Practice?

We will work closely with you and other members of your healthcare team to monitor your acute, chronic and preventive healthcare needs.  We will encourage patients to take an active role in their healthcare, and we will work towards the best outcomes for you.  We will:

·         Be accessible to you through our patient portal and after hours on-call availability.

·         Work as a team, train our staff to effectively communicate with you, prepare for your visit and follow up with you appropriately and support you.

·         Communicate with you and your healthcare team using technology such as our patient portal, electronic medical record, web-based referral system, and access to hospital databases.

·         Provide tools for self management (preventive guidelines, patient information, blood sugar logs, blood pressure logs, etc.)and information regarding community services and support which can be found on our website at www.rfppa.com

·         Monitor outcomes by tracking success of our patients with hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic conditions as well as preventive services.

·         Ask for your feedback through patient surveys and suggestion box.



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